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Landscape Irrigator Licensing Course $600
(Price change to $650 beginning March 2021)

TCEQ Approved 40 Hrs
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(Please register 7 days in advance of the class)

This course prepares you for all four sections of the Texas Irrigator Exam. This course goes beyond the exam to prepare you for real world applications. A “step-by-step method” of designing an efficient, water conserving lawn irrigation system. You will become proficient in plot plan development, Head Layout, Zoning & Pipe Sizing. This course includes industry terminology and installation methods, cross connection control and associated equipment, reading blueprints, wiring standards, calculating wire size, reading pressure loss charts, how elevation affects pressure, hydraulics.

Hydraulics & Design Review
Not a CEU class
(Please register 7 days in advance of the class)

Waiting 3 to 4 weeks after the class while TCEQ processes your exam application can leave you “rusty”.

This review will bring you back up to speed for the exam.

Review friction loss charts and formulas, how to calculate elevation loss or gain, detail pressure loss calculations, Design Pressure, Actual Head Pressure. Effects of excess head pressure, Water Savings Multiplier. Precipitation Rate formulas, Run Time formula. Calculating per cent slope, drafting plot plans, Head spacing and Row spacing

Estimating, Bidding and Selling… Profitably
(Please register 7 days in advance of the class)

Landscape/Irrigation Contractors and estimators: Learn to use a pricing method that is consistent and calculates a price based on your cost… not just a price that beats everyone else. Identify your biggest competitor and beat him every time. Learn to define and sell the difference in your company. Know where you want to be in the marketplace.


Drip Irrigation Design
(Please register 7 days in advance of the class)

A practical and working knowledge of the principles of low volume irrigation. We cover soil-water-plant relationships, drip and micro-spray applications, and design a typical low volume irrigation system. Finally, we will present the pros and cons of Drip/Micro-spray irrigation to help irrigators design for efficiency and water conservation.

Consulting Services for Landscape Irrigation
Contract Administration
Irrigation Design & Specifications Analysis
Water Management/Water Audit
Operations Management
Cost Estimating and Pricing for profitability
Sales & Marketing

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